Why, or, What did we find?

In the months of June and July fo 2016, we conducted a Market research Survey, speaking to about 70 yYacht Brokers. The results were interesting to say the least. When we started the research, we had no predisposed idea of what kind of software we would create and to solve what problem. We were just asking questions.

Here's a few of our finding:

  • The Yacht Brokerage business has changed a lot over the years. Where as before, a broker was a trusted advisor, especailly to a first time buyer, now people are not using the expertise of a broker as much as before; sometimes to the detriment of the buyers.
  • One of the answers I got from my question : what is a pain point? was : the internet. Yes, the internet changes everything! The customers are evolving as is the business; and more than ever now people are relying on the internet to find things. However, not everything is on the internet!
  • Finding new leads is the number one inductry concern. Leads more often than not turn out to be a lot of wasted effort. Quality leads are few and far between.
  • Finding the right Yacht is the next biggest challenge. If you do have a serious buyer, you may or maynot have the right boat he / she is looking for. Did I mention the internet does not have everythin on it?

Wait, there is more...

We created a nifty Infographic that highlights the findings from our Survey. If interested, fill out the survey below to get a copy!